Department of Banking and Insurance (Turkish)



BNK 101  Introduction to Insurance

The content of this course consists of several main topics that are; the history and importance of insurance, insurance applications in Turkey and worldwide, social security insurance applications and private insurance relations.

ING 101  English I

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

TRH 101  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. I

This course provides a general information of the events from the end of the 19. century until the end of the Turkish War of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

IEU 110  Academic and Social Orientation

This course provides basic information regarding academic and administrative units, campus life, and student clubs at Izmit University of Economics. It also acquaints students with Higher Education Discipline Regulation, the Code of Higher Education, Regulation of Occupational School. The students will be guided for self-development as well as academic, social, and cultural orientation.

MEKO 101  Microeconomics

The student will be able to express the basic concepts of economics, apply economic analysis methods and analyze the features of economic systems.

MUH 100  Financial Accounting I

Students will be able to explain the main principles of accounting, applying the rules and principles of accounting, they will be able to manage accounting entries and prepare the accounting ledgers and the balance sheet for the end of the period.

TRK 101  Turkish I

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. Various types of written statements will be examined through a critical point of view by doing exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing. Punctuation and spelling rules, which are basis of written statement, will be taught and accurate usage of these rules for efficient and strong expression will be provided.

ING 102  English II

This is a compulsory English course which provides basic language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at the beginning level.

HUK 120  Fundamental Principles of Law

The basic subjects of law are: rules of social order, sources of law, branches of law, judiciary organization, types of cases, application of legal rules and basic legal concepts.

MYST 104  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

MMAT 110  Business Mathematics

Theory and applications of mathematical operations regarding the profession

TRK 102  Turkish II

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. There will be exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing; types of speeches (panel, symposium, conference, etc.) will be introduced; the student will be equipped with information on using body language, accent and intonation, and presentation techniques.

TRH 102  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. II

With special reference to the Principals of Atatürk the course will examine the philosophy of the foundation and existence of the republican regime as well as the democratic developments in secular Turkey during the twentieth century and in the era of extending globalization.

MEKO 102  Macroeconomics

This course includes the explanation of macroeconomic terms, and the analysis of general economic conjuncture in unemployment and national income headings.

BNK 201  Basic Credit Transactions

In all sectors, companies' most important sources of founds are bank credits. The scope of the course includes to provide the theoratical knowledge and applications of credits that students will use in the profession of banking.

BNK 203  Insurance Transactions I

To teach insurance law and related regulations, structure of insurance sector, functions of the sector corporations, the concept of responsibility in insurance, loss/damage management, and types of insurance after giving a review of basic insurance knowledge.

BNK 205  Capital Markets

To provide the importance, the position comparing the world's other stock markets, the operations, and day and end of day movements of Istanbul Exchange Market (IMKB).

BNK 207  Banking Transactions I

We will focus on the financial markets, financial instruments, regularity authorities, the history and organizational structure of Turkish banking system, and banking services and products.

ADL 209  Commercial Law

A general approach to the Commercial Law, fundamental rules and principals of commercial enterprise law, general rules of company law and ordinary partnerships and commercial companies, rules of negotiable instruments, classification of types related to transferability(order, name, bearer), types of commercial papers.

BNK 202  Banking Services and Products

Students will identify the banking system, institutions in the banking system and services and products which they offer under the framework of related procedures and legislation. Students will also be able to decide and use in financial matters by choosing among the products and services of banking system.

BNK 204  Insurance Transactions II

Students will be able to explain the insurance concept, the historical development of insurance, the place of the sector in the economy and learn about the insurance law, risk management, parties of the insurance contracts, types of insurances, institutions and methods of insurance operations in the sector.

BNK 208  Banking Transactions II

Students will identify the financial system and financial instruments, banking system, regulatory institutions and banking services and products which are offered under the framework of related procedures and legislations

MYST 204  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

Elective Courses

BNK 117  Claims Management

The subject of course is about the claims management, risk management and reinsurance.

BNK 120  General Accounting Practices

BNK 121  Professional Development Activities I

The content of this course includes researches, data maning, presentations, group working and joining social events.

BNK 122  Professional Development Activities II

A review of the usual areas related to the profession and make fieldwork to create awareness of the opportunities arising due to developments and change.

BNK 123  Professional Practice I

BNK 124  Professional Applications II

BNK 125  Filing and Archiving

BNK 127  Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Students will learn basic concepts of investment analysis and portfolio management, also they will learn the methods of giving dynamic investment decisions based on the market conditions .

BNK 132  Risk Management in Banking

Analysis of the risk factors affecting the banking sector and the interaction of the risk factors

BNK 206  Individual Pension System and Life Insurances

Content of this course covers the types, futures, historical development and industry applications of life insurances and private pension funds.

BNK 211  Futures Exchange Transactions

In this course, students will learn the basic concepts of the types of derivative investment tools and also the functioning and purposes of each.

BNK 212  Financial Markets and Institutions

Upon successful completion of this course, students will develop knowledge and understanding of the following topics: Analysis of financial markets and institutions function and structure, interest rates, commercial banking, central bank, role in the economy of the monetary and credit system, including financial products and international financial system issues has been prepared to provide information on money and capital market operations.

BNK 213   Business Finance

This course covers financial statements and analysis, long-term financial planning, time value of money, stock valuation and capital management issues will be discussed.

BNK 214  Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange

Student will be able to learn about the legal basis of foreign trade, functions and importance of foreign exchange regime,general exchange arrangements procedures and relevant documents.

BNK 218  Risk Management and Transportation Insurance

By this course, students will be able to know about the types of international transports, to recognize the risks involved in international transport and also to learn the methods and processes for the solution of current risks under the framework of insurance legislation.

MISL 101  Business Administration I

This course is a core course that gives students the basic concepts, terminology and functions of businesses within the framework of developing world order and global economy.

MISL 102  Business Administration II

Business Administration II is a basic course that gives students the changing concepts of businesses, their functions in the developing world and the world economy. It is the continuation of Business Administration I and aims to teach the students the current changes in business functions.

MTOI 204  Human Resources Management

Human resources planning, business analysis, recruitment, training and development, career management, performance management, wage management, health and safety management

MTOI 207  Total Quality Management

MTOI 220  Coaching, Leadership and Career Management

Basic Coaching Information, Coaching and Leadership Competencies, Leadership Styles, Values and Its Importance in Coaching, Effective Expression and Communication Techniques, Recognition and Application of Coaching Tools will be covered in the lecture.

MTOI 230  Consumer Behavior

The role of consumer behavior in marketing; consumer psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and sociology; consumer buying behavior and digital consumption and markets will be the main topics of the course.

MUH 270  Financial Management

Having the relevant and detailed information about the financial management, the students will be able to use various methods which are useful for making financial decisions such as capital structure, working capital and investment projects. The students will also be able to analyze and evaluate the performance of the companies.

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